Clean Integrated Nanotechnology for Dyes Removal from Wastewaters


Ctr. No. 12/2017, PN3-P3-301/02.05.2017


Period: 02.05.2017 - 31.12.2018


Contracting authority: Unitatea Executiva pentru Finantarea Invatamantului Superior, a Cercetarii, Dezvoltarii si Inovarii



250.000 EURO




The general objective of this joint transnational project (Romania Greece) is to design, build and test a dual functional pilot based on a Clean Integrated Nanotechnology for Dyes Removal from wastewater treatment plants effluents originating from textile, food and leather dye industries to a level according to European Regulations. To fulfill this task, a fast, efficient and cost effective nanotechnology, based on the extraction and concentration of dyes followed by their degradation with advanced oxidation processes or recovery as materials with functional properties was developed. The treated water can be reused (95% from the wastewater total volume) in the technological process or discharged in natural water sources (according to NTPA 001/2005). The trans-sectorial character is achieved by joining two academic teams and two industrial partners which will assure the transfer of lab-on-technology to a pilot module.

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